In the 41st Millennia, There is Only TPK

Session 0.5

Arrival on planet

Dave – GM
Daniel, Michael – Players

On the planet Acreage Zek and Wrax find then selves landing on the floating space port of Emperor’s Island to go well. After looking around Zek finds a merchant and declares they are working on Imperium business, swiftly Wrax pulls him off to the asking him if Zek knows what the word secret means.

Soon after that Zek manages to find a guide will to help them find there way off Emperor’s island. As they are guided throw this unknown place, and quickly lose sight there guide and are stopped by an armed group of thugs. Both Zek and Wrax draw there melee weapons, Zek begins talking with them and as the leader comes closer to tell them the cost to pass, Wrax swings his Hammer at him and severs an artery in his leg, the rest of the group run in fear. Wrax then collects the mans right canine as proof of his kill.



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