In the 41st Millennia, There is Only TPK

Session one

Getting off Emperor's Island

Dave – GM
Alex, Daniel, Michael – Players

After the fight an arbitrator approaches Zek and Wrax reveling him self as Jericus another Acolyte sent my the inquisitor. Again Wrax is confused by how no one knows what secret means. The guide Zek found returns and leads them a boat off the island. The group give the newly found autopistol and ammo as payment for the boat ride to the capital city Olrankan. After getting past the blockade the Zek buys cloth masks for all of them and the group finds shady inn and takes watches to in sure they are not robed in the night. In the morning they head off to the wall of the city to find an attack site. When they approach the wall a city Plume officer offers them 50 thorn gelt a head to help defend the city. The group moves off to began a fight with the attacking musket-men. The group finds three musket-men charging and engage. as they are finishing up the last one they see three more baring down on them they finish all but one who manages to run a way. The group loot the dead bodies and get five muskets, 40 musket shots, and 5 ammo satchel.



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