In the 41st Millennia, There is Only TPK

Session Two

tracking down the unknown

Dave – GM
Daniel, Michael – Players

After they are unable to find the Plume officer they move into the city and find a barracks to collect there rewards. Wrax gives the officer at the desk the left canines of the five musket-men. in the end the group give him all five musket-men and four of the ammo satchel for a total of 200 throne gelt.

The group moves on to one of the attack sites. Wrax began tracking the strange foot prints near the attack site. After some time Wrax loses the the tracks that head into the city and the group retires for the night. During the night Wrax hears a strange sound and goes out side the inn and see if he can get a general idea as to where the sounds came from.

The next day the group find the attack sight and Wrax tries to track the strange foot print but is unable to follow beyond the sight. Jericus uses his Logic mind to figure out that the attacker is coming from the Fabricators District. they then go there when they get close the stench of the area gets to all of them but Jericus is unable to handle it and goes back to the inn. Zek and Wrax go off to find information about any thing strange that has been happening in the area. Zek manages to find a man that may have some information, Wrax intimidates the man into telling them about strange sounds and coming form the area of the corpse farmers.

Zerk and Wrax find there way to the warehouse of the corpse farmers. looking around the build finding a less used door they try it and find it stuck. Moving around to the other door Wrax has Zek knock at the door an older man opens it Zek fails to talk there way in and Wrax nods to he. Zek then “kicks” in the door and they began a fight. Turns out two men where in the where house after Wrax kills one of the men and a strange roar is heard.



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